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Meet Ty$

Ty started playing disc golf casually back in 2012, it wasn’t until 2014 that he got my PDGA number and wanted to get more into the sport. He likes to play casual leagues throughout the week and tournaments any chance he can get during the weekends. When he’s not playing leagues or tournaments, you can catch him at River Bends DGC, which is his home course. He has competed at AM worlds three times along with countless other major events around Michigan and the Great Lakes. He currently is rated over 940 and 9 PDGA wins under his belt.

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Meet Jamie!

My name is Jamie Kiep and I am 28 years old.  I am married to my beautiful wife Bethany, we have four beautiful children and I live in Albany, Georgia. I started playing disc gold three and a half years ago and my current rating is 995 (PDGA #68815.) I have studied the game very hard since then and have picked the game up very quickly.

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Caddy Book on Caddying

Caddying is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to experience tournament play, see a new course and watch more experienced players. Always offer to carry the bag. Exceptions include being too young, too old, too pregnant, etc. Beyond that it’s time to sack up. Literally. If you are feeling extra neighborly, offer to help keep score and spot drives. Only speak when spoken to. The last thing “the player” needs to worry about is you flapping your trap during an opponent’s putt or drive, so keep the chit chat light and in between holes and throws. Bringeth your own snacks and beverages. Help make sure “the player” gets something by offering occasionally from their own stores, most importantly...

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