First Run Edition Wolf Pack Discs Online Tournament Viewing Drinking Game

First Run Edition Wolf Pack Discs Online Tournament Viewing Drinking Game 
(Suitable for livers of drinking age)


Tired of watching disc golf coverage sober? Need something to get your significant other/friends/family interested in the sport? You’re in luck! Throw on the most recent coverage from your favorite production companies, crack a beer (more like Jameson and Vernors for us), and enjoy as your sobriety disappears!

Drink 1

  • You see a squirrel
  • A putt splashes out of the chains
  • Someone throws a roller
  • A putt hits the chastity belt or front cage
  • There is drone footage
  • There’s a commercial
  • The commentators say any of the following:
    • Oh woww, wow, whoa
    • Oh noooo
    • Good run
    • Throwler
    • I’ve never seen anyone do that
    • That’s the furthest shot I have seen on this hole
    • Sneak/sneaky
    • I wish I could throw that shot (or something similar)
    • Bomb
    • Tester
    • Patent pending
    • Tree love
    • Flashing the rings there
    • He or she really wanted that one
    • Pured
    • Sawed it off
    • Describe changes to the hole from years past
    • They call the player by a nickname
    • They comment on the gallery size

    Drink 2

    • Someone goes out of bounds or in a hazard
    • A putt is made outside the 10 meters
    • Metal hit off the tee or on the second shot on a par 4
    • Someone misses one within 15 feet
    • Someone gets three birdies in a row
    • A player has a meltdown (even if it is a small amount of butthurt)
    • The hole has a mando on it
    • They do an instant replay
    • Someone gets a double bogey
    • Someone throws from a drop zone
    • Two players have drives land within 10 ft of each other
    • Star frame
    • There’s a rollaway from the basket more than 10 meters
    • Someone takes a meter relief that did not go out of bounds
    • The hole has an elevated basket

    Drink 5

    • A putt is made outside of 20 meters
    • Island green hole
    • Someone is called for a foot fault or any other violation
    • The commentator is in the coverage
    • Someone in the gallery has their shirt off (double if it’s a woman)
    • Someone gets an eagle 
    • Someone gets a triple bogey
    • Someone throws a tomahawk/thumber

      Finish your drink

      • You see a Wolf Pack Discs logo!
      • Someone gets an ace 

      Enjoy, and please view disc golf responsibly! 

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