Welcome to the Wolf Pack Discs Website!

Since our meager beginnings, we could only daydream about Wolf Pack Discs growing to a size that we would be able to create a website. We are beyond ecstatic to be able to easily offer our gear and discs to the our fans across the United States! This is a first step towards many larger things that the future has in store for Wolf Pack Discs as we continue to grow our company and team. With this new website, not only are we able to easily sell our products, but we are able to highlight our WPD team members as well. These excellent people help spread the word of Wolf Pack Discs by being role models through their skills and passion for disc golf on and off the course.

Thank you to all of those who helped us to get to this point; our supportive friends and family members, Wolf Pack Discs team members, players and TD’s from the Flint Town Flyerz, Black Ace Disc Golf, MDGO and Motor City Chain Gang, our awesome Facebook page fan base, and those we meet out on the course! We couldn’t do this without you!

We hope you enjoy the new Wolf Pack Discs website!

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