What does MMA and disc golf have in common?

Here is our man Jeff Hollinger’s take on MMA fighter Ben Askren and disc golf!

Ben Askren continues to push the sport of Disc Golf! Chael Sonnen, MMA legend and UFC commentator, interviews Ben about his last fight and they discuss disc golf for the first 3:22. It is so cool to see a high level athlete, like Ben, push the sport of disc golf! Askren will more than likely become the UFC Welterweight Champion of the World in the near future. Now if only we could get a signature “funky” run of Discraft Disc Golf discs and maybe even a “Discraft” logo on his trunks while he competes in the Octagon for the UFC Welterweight championship of the World for millions of people to see around the world!!

Ben Askren is no stranger to disc golf as he was runner up at the 2011?? USADGC tournament. I believe he has even installed a course or two in his hometown. More influentially, Askren was an Olympic wrestler and after a long wait has finally made his UFC debut. Last weekend he submitted the “ruthless” Robby Lawler to stay undefeated at 19-0. He is becoming extremely well known and respected in the MMA/sports community. Not only is he one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, he has a professional attitude, is down to earth, and has a great personality. Oh, and he wants to spread the love of disc golf! With the UFC recently partnering up with ESPN, we need to take this opportunity with mainstream cable television/PPV and rising star Ben Askren to help broadcast and push this incredible sport of Disc Golf. We have never had a stage, or should I say Octagon, like this before. Let’s. Go.

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