Mental Focus

Disc golf is a mental game, through and through. Your mood can impact your game, whether you think it will or not.


As a relatively new player of the game (5 years, 2 years professionally), my mental game is still a work in progress. I am learning every round how to stay positive and let go of the bad shots, and to not dwell on the good shots for too long.
This year in particular, I have been more focused on the course than ever before. I have made it a point to stay happy and smile as much as I can. And I have seen so much improvement in my game because of this. If I have a bad shot, or hole, or round, I have been teaching myself to laugh about it and learn from it.
You are not always going to have your best rounds. You are not always going to make all of your putts. You are not always going to hit every line. And that is OK.
It is important to remember to take the game one shot at a time. Try to let go of what happened earlier in the round and focus on what you can do next. It is also important to remember it is you against the course, not you against your competitors. There is always going to be someone who can throw farther than you, or someone who can rip a forehand you may  not be able to, or someone who cans a long jump putt that you may not make. You cannot focus on that. Play within your means and play the course the way you know you can. That will get you farther in this game then trying to out play your opponents.
Remember to keep your spirits up. Remember to play your game. Remember to always stay focused and constantly strive to better yourself and your mental game. You will see the improvements. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience. It is all worth it in the end.
Keep on smiling :)
Written by Alisha Schafer #69838 (WPD Gray Wolf Team Member)


  • Tina

    Great story Alisha Schafer. We are so proud of you on the course and off. Love mama and dad Schafer

  • Cindi

    👍🏻 You’re amazing! Keep writing & I’ll keep reading! I’ve learned a lot about this sport from you. 5 years ago – I never had heard of it. ✌🏻

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