Meet Ty$

Meet Ty Alfano aka… oh man it's a long list of aka’s but just call him Ty$ for now.

Ty started playing disc golf casually back in 2012, it wasn’t until 2014 that he got my PDGA number and wanted to get more into the sport. He likes to play casual leagues throughout the week and tournaments any chance he can get during the weekends. When he’s not playing leagues or tournaments, you can catch him at River Bends DGC, which is his home course. He has competed at AM worlds three times along with countless other major events around Michigan and the Great Lakes. He currently is rated over 940 and 9 PDGA wins under his belt.

His bag consist of mostly MVP disc sports plastic with some mint discs alphas in there as well.  He currently (as of mid summer ‘18) carries Neutron Teleport, Neutron Dimension, Neutron Photon, Neutron Trace, Proton Trace, Proton Insanity, Neutron Insanity, Neutron Resistor, FR Sublime Alpha, Fr Eternal Alpha, 2nd run blue Sublime Alpha, 2nd run yellow Apex Alpha, 2nd run purple Apex Alpha, Neutron Tesla, Neutron Motion, Neutron Matrix, Proton Matrix, Eclipse Tangent, Proton Sparkle Tangent, Neutron Deflector, Watermelon Envy, Neutron Envy, Neutron Proxy, Electron Firm Atom, Electron Medium Atom.  And of course he is part of the Zuca army, you can see him rolling though your course.

Ty has been playing Am 1 for most of 2018 with a few MPO events dabbled here and there.  We wish him the best of the luck the rest of this year and the future.

By Brian Frawley and Ty Aflano #70266 (WPD Gray Wolves Team Member)

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