You Never Know

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I play Am2.
How about you?
When you arrive at the course are your competitors hating?
Or do they accept that you are just playing your rating?
Show up with some swagger, get called a bagger.
Rub it in their face with a final hole jump putt dagger.
This game is fun, let’s have some more.
Sometimes things go sour and it seems like a chore.
Never a bore, as each round is full of the unknown.
Before you know it your game has grown.
Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall.
There is always a round available, that’s your call.
What a game we have decided to play, I am thankful for it each and every day.
Take the good with the bad.
If you never set foot on the course, you will never know what kind of round you could have had…


Written by Nick Fucinari (WPD Red Wolves Team Member)

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